Creating the Ideal Website for Your Small Business

Creating the Ideal Website for Your Small Business

If you own a business and your company doesn’t have a website, then your company pretty much doesn’t exists. We are now living in a digital era where every business and deal is managed online. Having a website is not enough because every company has one! You need a tremendous that catches everyone’s attention and prevent them to bounce off to a competitor’s site. What can you do to create a website that grabs your prospect’s attention?

Get in your customers’ feet
Before starting a website, pretend you are a prospect customer. What would you like to find on the site? Which outline would be easier for you to navigate online? Putting yourself in your visitor’s position might be hard, and inquiring someone else’s opinion is always a great idea. You could ask your employees, coworkers and even your most loyal clients (if you already have some). Just make sure you answer your customer’s questions and concerns about your company on your website.

An attractive home page has a lot to say about your company
Your home page represents your customer’s first impression of your business. Creating the perfect home page can make a significant difference between your customers leaving your site or navigating through the rest of your web pages. Using the right combination of colors, readable fonts, and a layout that makes sense will help you create a better home page for your company’s website.

Optimize your website for mobile devices
It is a fact that Google is ranking higher websites that are mobile friendly. Most internet users prefer to navigate online through their mobile devices than having to turn on their desktop computers or laptops. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, users will not stick around. Make sure your site is responsive and you’ll guarantee more and more visitors and thus potential customers!

Engage people with your website
Going to a website full of text and no pictures is mind-numbing and makes you want to leave the site immediately. Summarize the most important ideas and add visually appealing images to better emphasize your points. Videos are a fun way to tell a story about your business and get more people truly engaged. Putting too many pictures can be overwhelming for viewers, try to balance your visuals and use those images that speak for themselves. If you have certifications and testimonials from loyal customers, don’t forget to put them in your website. Customers tend to listen more to peers than brands.

A breathtaking website is essential to success in this digital world. Certify you have all the basics that will grab your client’s attention before he/she visits your competitors.

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